September 12, 2010

Future jobs for Paul Wulff

After Wazzu barely eeked by Montana State, I've got to say that the writing is on the wall for head coach Paul Wulff. Instead of showing signs of improvement, this might be the worst incarnation of Cougar football in Wulff's three years in Pullman. As much as we make fun of the school for being out the way, small and generally the little brother of the Pac-10, it still should have no problem beating Montana State.

There's no excuse. Even when they were TERRIBLE Wulff's first year, they managed to blow out Portland State. Heck last year they beat an actual Div. I-A football team.This year they were embarrassed by Oklahoma State and challenged by Montana State. Wulff may not even make it to the end of the season. Luckily, here's a couple things he could do...

1. Bartender - He's use to making people stumble around on defense. Why would at a bar be any different?
2. Coach for the Oakland Raiders - After the Tom Cable hiring... I mean would this shock you at all?
3. Septic Tank man - He's use to playing with crap.
4. Spokesman for Pepcid AC - You think this poor guy has ate well the past three years? I think not. I think the post-game spread is bigger than the Cougars actual offensive line.
5. Jesse James PR Agent - Things couldn't go worse for either guy, right?

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