September 8, 2010

Casey is a turncoat...

So I ran across this funny little photo while I was facebook stalking Casey today. Check this out:

Oh yes how cute you say. Except you should note the Hawaii gear that they are wearing. It's all cool, except you should consider that they support another Div. I football team...
 GASP! Is that... a different football team. Instead of Hawaii they appear to be rooting for a team in the state of Washington. I believe they're called the Huskies. They also seemed to have picked up a homeless man as a friend.

I'm not one to judge, but is it possible that Casey and Lindsey root for TWO DIFFERENT FBS COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAMS?!?! Outrageous. TWO DIFFERENT TEAMS IN THE SAME SPORT?! I would never do such a thing...

Oh, oh, what is this?!?!?! Denver? I wore a Denver sweatshirt? Are you kidding me?!?! I root for the Titans, Red Sox and EWU Eagles. I would never waiver in that fandom. Lindsey must have forced me to do it.

What the hell? What is that terrible hat doing on my head. I must have felt the 100 losses weighing down on my head and decided to point at my crotch for fun. What the heck?

IS THAT A BENGALS JERSEY!?!?! Why on earth would I wear a Bengals jersey... this is just too much. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm more wishy-washy than Husky fans.

Screw you, blog post.

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