September 4, 2010

Casey's dawgs suck, Cougars officially a division II team now

After much barking, Husky fans (including our very own Casey "I love Brock Huard" Knopik) got to see their team in action against BYU. Guess what happened? UW suffered another disappointing loss and Jake Locker failed once again to lead his team to victory. Now usually I would take the high road and not rub this in to other side of the state but since the Cougars suck so badly, what the hell is the point?
UW's football program is full of hot air! All talk! No substance and no winning seasons in a loooong time.

But hey, at least their arch-rival (gag) Oregon didn't do so hot right? Actually they had a record setting 72-0 victory over New Mexico. No mention from the Ducks about whether they'd rather be playing the Huskies than the Lobos.

Now with that being said. Let's talk about those lovable Cougars from the east side of Washington, or as I like to call them...

They got slaughtered by Oklahoma State and it's my guess this is Paul Wulff's last season in the Palouse. Hell, it will be a miracle if he makes it through the entire season. Oh yeah, and he has a big hat.

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