September 5, 2010

College football. College football. College football.

This is better than starting 0-1. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish started the season on a positive note. (A) Their coach isn't a fat ass that drives a scooter around practice and (B) they beat Purdue. It was fairly close 23-12, but I'm sure Irish fans will take it.

Why am I talking about the Irish on this Northwest blog? Well since I've moved to Montana, all regional Washington games have been axed out of my TV watching radar. There is no FSN or anything, that means that yesterday I got the chance to watch MSU and the Griz smash the community colleges that the scheduled for the first game of the year or the Irish on NBC.

Wanting to watch actual Div. I athletes and high definition TV, I went for the Irish. Now I've been known to dabble in Notre Dame-dom from time to time. I do like the history and all the ridiculous over-reaction that their fan base does. I can only imagine that they're thinking national championship right now.

So sorry Just South of North readers, you will be receiving Irish updates on the up and up as their my new adopted college football team because it's the only squad I know I can watch on a weekly basis. You shouldn't complain, because I'm not complaining because have you seen female Irish fans? Much better looking that those loathsome Grizzly and Washington Huskies fans.

WSU fans on the other hand? Well, they trump all, but that's neither here nor there. (And... if you want me to rehash an old wound, I shudder to think what female Gonzaga football fans would look like)

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