September 9, 2010

Football is BACK!!!

Tonight the regular season of the NFL kicks off. And you bet I'll be watching the game. It should be a great game with the much hyped-up rematch of last years NFC Championship game.

There are a lot of underlying stories in tonight's game as well.

Here's a few:

1. Reggie Bush hopes to put on a clinic on the Viking defense to earn back his Heisman: Should we tell the NCAA that punishing USC doesn't affect Bush in anyway? He still made money, is still making money and will continue to make it.

2. Expect commercials staring Brett Favre selling the "Hoveround Power Chair" to play during the game:

3. Brandon to streak across the field: Wait, that's at Saturday's Montana Griz game. Oops.

4. Lot's of BP commercials: You know that they'll be doing it. "We're still helping clean up the huge ass mess we made down here. But don't pay attention to us. Just watch football. Everything is fine. More shrimp?"

5. Shrimp: And lots of Cajun food. I can smell it from here. Jambalaya!!!

It's the Vikings. It's the Saints. It's the NFL. And it's starting NOW!!!!

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