September 9, 2010

A look at Boise State's schedule...

Much was made of Boise State's win over Virginia Tech last Monday. It was a thrilling 33-30 victory, but will it be enough to catapult the Broncos to the BCS national championship game? Here's the rest of their schedule.

Sept. 18 - Wyoming
Sept. 25 - Oregon State
Oct. 2 - New Mexico State
Oct. 9 - Toledo
Oct. 16 - San Jose State
Oct. 26 - Louisiana Tech
Nov. 6 - Hawaii
Nov. 12 - Idaho
Nov. 19 - Fresno State
Nov. 26 - Nevada
Dec. 4 - Utah State

With the exception of Oregon State, which I contend is one of the best programs in the Pac-10 right now, that is a pretty terrible schedule. It's certainly not enough to warrant a national championship game appearance. Despite wins I think that the Broncos will lose ground from here on our in the rankings. There's other teams in bigger conferences that will have much more impressive wins than Utah State and New Mexico State... gag.

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