September 16, 2010

Further proof student government isn't that smart

The last time some UT fans were in Lubbock they said Tech supporters cursed, spit and fought with them.

Fans bullying the competition have made the Tech stadium a tough place to play.

The student governments request is a big one to some Texas fans.

"I don't know if they'll be quiet, it's all about school spirit,” said UT student Nicole Berad.

Tech fans aren't being asked to be totally quiet; they can cheer the Red Raiders. But they are being asked to use what is called a "silent scare" when UT has the ball.

"If we get the stands to be completely silent that has got to be threatening to any team,” said Tech student government president Drew Graham.

No Drew, they'll think they're at a golf tournament. This has got to be the worse idea since thunder stix. But at least they made noise! I hope a bunch of drunk boosters calls out the student section for being a group of "those guys."

By the way, doesn't this sound like something the student government would come up with. Perhaps they should also press a "no alcohol pledge greek week."

Yeah that probably wont happen.

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