September 29, 2010

The JustSON mailbag

We've been getting a number of emails here at Just South of North asking us questions. So I figured I'd take some time to answer a few of those emails.

Q:Is Brandon really afraid of bears? If so, he's a turd. -Yogi, Jellystone Park

Yes Yogi, Brandon is really afraid of bears. Deathly afraid actually. Thank goodness winter is coming to Montana soon and all the bears will go into hibernation. He hasn't slept in weeks.

Q: I know that Casey recently rode his bike down the Oregon coast, if Brandon had to ride his bike how far do you think he'd make it? -Lance, Texas

To be honest Lance I'm not sure that Brandon knows how to ride a bike. But for the sake of an answer let's pretend he does. I'd have to say he'd make it to the nearest Starbucks to Polson. No matter the distance.

Q: I used to read your "Eastern Rangers" articles in The Easterner. I know that you guys once tried out for the dance team at Eastern. I'd like to make it on that team. Any suggestions? -Michael, Ireland

Well Michael, if you read the article then you know that I dance like someone who just lit their foot on fire. Brandon however was a regular John Travolta. So I'd suggest you watch Saturday Night Fever. Oh, and Grease.

Q: You guys seem to always be up to something fun. Are you planning any adventures for the weekend? -Luke, Canada

This weekend Brandon and I are heading to the National Amtgard Championships with our guild. What's amtgard. Oh boy am I glad you asked.

That does it for this edition of the Just South of North Mailbag. Until next time keep those emails coming!

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