September 7, 2010

What to do in Montana on a Tuesday night

So Montana isn't exactly Seattle or Spokane when it comes to vibrant night life, but there's plenty of things to do here!

1. Talk about the Griz.
2. Try and cross the highway and see if you don't get hit by uncoming traffic that doesn't stop for pedestrians. It's an unwritten law in Montana that crosswalks should be occupied by a vehicle bearing down on you at all times.
3. It's not hunting season yet so hitting deers with vehicles.
4. Talk about the Bobcats, who apparently aren't as cool as the Griz in this state, but that will do because the nearest baseball team is the Seattle Mariners and they suck.
5. Goat racing, its better than NASCAR.
6. Fighting off the evil sugar ants in my apartment that are bent on carrying off my couch one of these days.
7. Riverdance.
8. Much fun of Casey being a Husky fan.
9. The History Channel. Watch it. They talk about WWII.
10. Talk about Eastern Washington University. Get punched in the face.

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