September 8, 2010

Losers of the week: Boise State

I HATE THE BRONCOS! And their uniforms. Did you see those hideous things last Monday night? That was the most gawd awful thing I've ever seen on a football field. Here's what the Broncos were sporting...

Okay that doesn't do those monsters of fashion death enough justice... here's another photo...

You'll note the large donkey on one side of the helmet. Guess what's on the other side? NOTHING! Gag.

Now this photographer overedited this photo but if you look closely you'll see nasty super gray areas on the kind of gray jerseys a la Washington's darker purple patches on their jersey. Basically it makes everyone look like they're sweating profusely. Strike two.

And my final complaint, the right and left shoulders don't match. They're completely different! Really Boise State? Really? And their jerseys looked great last year, check these out:

Simple, to the point.

They're not the only ones to blame, look at this garbage that VT was wearing...

They looked like a horrible Tron rip-off, their helmets which are usually the best in football were made to look like some little kid made them out of paper-mache. Black isn't even in their SCHOOL COLORS! Oh Virginia Tech, what have you done?

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