October 27, 2010

Breaking down the Big Sky Conference this week

Another week, another crazy slate of Big Sky Conference games. We'll break down what's happening this week...

No. 7 Montana (5-1 conference, 6-2 overall) @ Weber State (3-2 conference, 4-3 overall)
The Griz pulled out a dramatic win last week and they keep seeming to do just enough to win football games. This Weber State game has all the trappings of a danger game for Montana though. Eventually the luck is going to run out and Weber State is a tough team.

However, it's the Griz and you know they'll pull some miracle out of their back pocket like a sideline warning that costs the Wildcats the game or a freak tornado that injuries their quarterback. Seriously, it will happen. Trust me.

No. 13 Montana State (4-1 conference, 6-2 overall) @ Idaho State (0-5 conference, 1-6 overall)
Ah, the Idaho State Bengals. Not only do their uniforms remind me of 1986, but they are possibly the only Big Sky team that is terrible this year. However, that won't stop Montana State from falling behind by 30 points and posting a huge comeback. The Bobcats apparently don't need things like a "strong first quarter" or "dominant win."

They have won the last six against ISU and I would imagine every else has too.

Sac State (2-3 conference, 3-4 overall) @ No. 25 Northern Arizona (2-2 conference, 4-3 overall)
Sac State and NAU are the ultimate bad luck teams right now in the Big Sky. Nobody can deny their talent, no one is thrilled to be playing them. Now they're playing one another... there will be blood.

Northern Colorado (2-6) @ South Dakota (3-5)
Ugh... who cares?

No. 8 Eastern Washington (5-1 conference, 6-2 overall) @ Portland State (1-3 conference, 2-5 overall)
This game scares me. Portland State has always given Eastern Washington fits and despite their record, all their games have been close. The Eagles have been skating on thin ice in their games all season and this might finally be the time that the ice breaks.

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