October 27, 2010

Breaking down the Heat's loss to the Celtics

Since Casey doesn't know what the game of basketball is, unless the loathsome Washington Huskies are playing in the NCAA Tournament, I will take it upon myself to enlighten you on the wonderful world of the NBA. If you missed the Heats-Celts game last night, you missed a nice kickoff to the season that is sure to be one of the most interesting in years (and that's saying a lot). Here's what happened...

Chris Bosh sucked. Dwayne Wade sucked. Lebron James had a mountain of turnovers but was the only one of the big three that turned in a respectable game. The Celtics won 88-80, and in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter because it's the first game of the season.


Boston showed everyone how to beat the Heat. Clog the middle. Force them to shoot from the outside. Here's how the big three fared in that game shooting-wise.

Bosh - 3/11
Wade - 4/16
James - 10/21

If teams continue to do this and force the Heat to rely on their jump shot, you can forget about a championship because once you get to the NBA Playoffs - a jump shooting team is about as dead as a Democrat at a gun convention.

Is this an overreaction? Yes of course, but it sure is fun to have basketball back.

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