November 3, 2010

Bad start to the hunting season

Since hunting season has started here in Montana, three hunters have died. I remember as a kid in Washington I would hear about the occasional shooting accident but not to this extreme. Apparently it's crazy out there hunting in the Treasure State. Then this happens...

BUTTE, Mont. — Three Montana hunters who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning while sleeping in a wall tent with a propane heater are recovering at a Salt Lake City hospital thanks to some young family members. Sheri Cook of Missoula said five teenage boys who were hunting with their fathers and grandfather in the Lima area pulled the men out of the tent Monday morning and called for help. Randy Cook, 44, of Missoula; Bret Butler, 50, of Frenchtown; and Carl Saunders, 65, of Frenchtown were upgraded from critical to serious condition Tuesday. The hunting party arrived at the camp site in southwestern Montana on Sunday evening, put up their tents and went to sleep. The men were in a wall tent with a propane heater, and the boys, ranging in age from 13 to 16, were in another tent with a wood stove for heat. When the boys woke up, they found the men unconscious, Hansen said.

Hunting season = dangerous.

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