November 23, 2010

Dinosaurs still exist in Montana

Yep, this is the state I live in. Guy goes hunting and finds a dinosaur. I fully expect to get attacked by velocaraptors on my way to work tomorrow.

When most Montana residents and visitors think of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, they usually think of deer, elk, antelope, and other such mammals.

But during the fall archery season, Dave Bradt, a bow hunter from Florence searching for an elk on the CMR Refuge, found something amazing: the fossilized bones of a rare prehistoric sea creature called a plesiosaur.

Bradt notified the Refuge Headquarters in Lewistown of the discovery right away. The find is scientifically significant and promises to expand knowledge about the remote past in what is now Montana.

Actually the remote past isn't much different from now, so I'm pretty sure you can send an intern with a digital camera and you should have ancient Montana pretty much wrapped up. 

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