November 19, 2010

Seattle Superheroes

Apparently Seattle is now the home of vigilante superheroes.

These "superheroes" have been roaming the city protecting it from bad guys.

The reports they call themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement - part of a nationwide movement.

Police say they don't mind people calling 911 and being good witnesses, but it's not a good idea to put themselves in danger.

In one case on Nov. 4 police found a man wearing a Batman costume and calling himself Phoenix the Guardian of Seattle. He was with four other men and one woman all in costumes.

Wow. Just wow. All I can think of is this running around the streets of Seattle:

If you've ever seen "The Dark Knight" then you know that things didn't work out good for the "copycat" heroes in that movie. Mainly thanks to this guy:

So superheroes of Seattle. Be careful.

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