November 14, 2010

Seahawks Live Game Blog

What the heck, I want to make fun of the Seahawks for two hours. Here we go....

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2:17 - Hawks start things off by allowing a bunch of yardage on the opening kickoff return and a run up the middle. Don't give up an inch boys!

2:18 - Larry Fitzgerald? He's alive? Poor guy has had a Pop Warner quarterback throwing to him all season.

2:22 - Time for that vaulted Seahawks goaline-defense... oops Hightower for a touchdown. ARIZONA 7, TEAM THAT HASN'T GOTTEN OFF THE BUS YET 0.

2:25 - I kind of wish this game was on CBS so I could get the 30 NCIS:Los Angeles teasers. Chris O'Donnell has had a hell of a career since "Batman and Robin."

2:28 - When your best wide receiver "ate his way" out of the game two years ago... um yeah, good pickup Pete Carroll.

2:29 - Matt Hasselbeck's new helmet to prevent concussions...

2:32 - Marshawn Lynch = Not Shaun Alexander, doesn't go down when hit. Matt Hasselbeck near the goaline... couldn't run it in from two yards out? serious?

2:33 - TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS. Marshawn Lynch with his Beast Mode doing it's thing. SEATTLE 7, ARIZONA 7 and just for fun...

2:41 - Shall we go to twitter?

Brian McIntyre
That call of a horse-collar tackle on Lawyer Milloy was, uh, horseshit.

2:42 - If you're a fan of the Cardinals, do you really want to hear "Coach is really trying to form an offense around Derek Anderson." Ugh.

2:43 - On cue with a near pick. "You know Derek Anderson isn't the most accurate of quarterbacks," - Brian Billick. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN YOUR 2010 ARIZONA CARDINALS!

2:46 - A fun little fact about the Seahawks.
Aaron Levine
Seahawks lineman Raheem Brock arrested for DUI in Seattle before 'Hawks left for AZ:

2:48 - Punting from your own endzone... always a fun thing to do.

2:52 - Derek Anderson showing why he's so good. Runs slowly out to the right, could have thrown it away, gets sacked outside of field goal range. He's a pro folks!

2:57 - Mike Williams, 5 catches, 73 yards. Niiice.

3:00 - Matt Hasselbeck is so much better than Charlie Whitehurst. Wow.

3:01 - For those of you keeping score at home...
Darren Urban by DKSB17
After one quarter, Cards have 85 yards of offense, Sea WR Mike Williams has 73.

3:08 - Note to Seahawks... DEREK ANDERSON IS PICKING YOU APART. DEREK ANDERSON. (Rips stuff up, throws a puppy into oncoming traffic, pounds his keyboard in frustration.)

3:10 - Terrible string of play calls in the red zone. And yeah Derek Anderson making some bad choices.

3:10 - It's 10-10 after that field goal. We're in an epic battle for the NFC West, which is almost as thrilling as a violin recital, a trip to the DMV and the latest episode of "Ellen."

3:17 - THE BUTLER DID IT!!!! 63-yard pass from Hasselbeck and we're in business. Sure the Cardinals defense is gawd-awful but hey! It's the NFC West where anything can happen! (When is Dane Cook going to run out onto the field and tackle Derek Anderson) And for you Butler fans out there...

3:24 - Don't compare Matt and Derek Anderson. Hasselbeck is motorboating Anderson in the quarterback category.

3:26 - Judging by the reaction by Seahawks fans on twitter, many think the 'hawks have this game in hand. Come on, they're up by a touchdown.

3:28 - Some people aren't too happy with Brian Billick.
Jesus Billick... his name is Hassel-BECK! God Damn It!

3:31 - It's unbelievable how Hasselbeck is picking apart this defense. How many wide open guys has he thrown to today?

3:33 - You've seen the "Been to Every Super Bowl" group on that VISA commercial, but have you seen the "Been to Every Arena Bowl" group? Yeah, they all live with their mother.

3:34 - Pete Carroll just rolls that way...
Anyone else think it's odd that @ is just wearing a plain blue NFL Equipment shirt instead of gear?

3:38 - Terrible call. Put the points on the board. You have the momentum, you have the lead, it's the second quarter. The Montana Grizzlies did this yesterday and it cost them a touchdown. Damn.

3:41 - Good thing Derek Anderson has the accuracy of drunk transient. Speaking of a drunk transient, welcome to the game Charlie Whitehurst...

3:44 - Halftime but I'm really worried about Hasselbeck. He was playing so well, lets hope his hand is okay and he'll be starting for the second half. If it's Whitehurst, this could be the "Crappy Quarterback Bowl."

3:52 - I don't know if this is good news or not...
Brian McIntyre
Right hand on throw. X-ray is for left hand

3:53 - Okay this is terrible news...
KING 5 Sports
Whitehurst warming up

3:56 - With Hasselbeck out, this game completely changes. This is like when they switched Wesley Snipes as Willie Mays Hays with Omar Epps. Just not the same.

3:57 - But if Justin Forsett runs like that, the Hawks will be okay. And Marshawn Lynch has one hell of a catch and run. Whitehurst hasn't sunk the Hawks yet... (crosses fingers)


4:02 - Warren Moon on speed dial anyone?

4:03 - This is a fine display of quarterback excellence... (claps at Derek Anderson)

4:06 - At this point Seattle should just run the ball every down.

4:07 - See? Arizona is tackling like it's a JV football game and Justin Forsett is running like he's been given a turbo powerup from NBA Jam.

4:10 - I will be shocked if that isn't over turned, and thanks Charlie for leaving your wide receiver out to dry.

4:13 - Thank you refs. By the way, good job by FOX going to an actual NFL ref to talk about the replay as opposed to Brian Billick stumbling through an explanation.

4:14 - Everytime Whitehurst steps back to throw, my heart drops a little. At least Mike Williams is playing like a stud. AND GOOD GOD!?!? IS THAT MATT HASSELBECK'S MUSIC. SHANE FALCO? IS HE PULLING A SHANE FALCO!?!?

4:16 - By the way, Derek Anderson... see how Whitehurst scrambles out of bounds near the line of scrimmage. That's. What. You're. Supposed. To. Do. Take Notes.

4:19 - Thank you for not going for it. By the way, it could be 23-10 as opposed to 20-10. There's a difference. Just wanting to point it out.

4:22 - I feel like they should have a Derek Anderson reality tv show. Something tells me he gets swagger jacked at the club a lot. INT, by the way. Momentum shifting for the Seahawks.

4:24 - Your Seattle Seahawks secondary!
Brian McIntyre
CB Kelly Jennings comes up with his first INT since rookie season (2006)

4:24 - Why don't they use Forsett more? Although it's easy to look good against an Arizona defense that tackles like they're trying to take down somebody with leprosy.

4:26 - Field goal. Seahawks playing like they want to protect the lead, it's 23-10 now.

4:30 - Aaron Curry was double teamed on that sack and the Seahawks get the ball back. Things are going swimmingly for the Cardinals right now.

4:31 - This is pretty true. By the way, Seahawks 159 yards in the third, Cardinals have 0.
Brian McIntyre
The NFL should go back and give last few MVP awards to Kurt Warner.

4:34 - Jon Ryan's hair is epic, in every way conceivable. 26-10 Seahawks. By the way, Casey just informed me that he's growing it out for "Locks of Love" that makes wigs for kids that have lost their hair due to an illness (like cancer). Ryan's mom died of cancer. He just became my favorite football player in the National Football League.

4:42 - It's starting to look like this...

4:51 - Little worried, not about this game but the Seahawks do seem to have trouble punching it in the endzone...

4:53 - Cardinals fans can't be worried. They have the comeback kid in Derek Anderson right?

5:00 - Here come the Cardinals! Only about 30 minutes late but here they come!

5:01 - I was just kidding, it's 29-18. Kidding guys! Don't actually come back. Come on now.

5:10 - Mike Williams with the sick catch but FOX didn't capture it. Wow, that would have made SportsCenter had Fox not bungled that.

5:18 - This is a faux comeback and that Clemons sack sums up Anderson's day.

5:19 - Good point by the announcers. This is a huge loss for the Cardinals because the Seahawks sweep. AND FINALLY Seattle is able to convert on short yardage. Forsett in for the touchdown and it's 36-18.

5:35 - Larry Fitzgerald is doing the "I can't believe Derek Anderson is throwing passes to me, EFFING DEREK ANDERSON" walk after each incompletion.

5:36 - Game over, the Seahawks are a power to be reckoned with in the NFC West. Wow!

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