November 13, 2010

Shocking news ladies and gentlemen, WSU wins!

We're very stunned to report from the Just South of North newsroom that the Washington State Cougars have, indeed, won a Pac-10 football game. In other news, Hell has frozen over in Cleveland, pigs have been spotted flying around Canada and there's hope for the Chicago Cubs next year.

Washington State 31, Oregon State 14 - I really do apologize to all the Oregon State fans out there, please keep all sharp objects away from your wrists because that's just not a whole lot of fun. Those strides they've been talking about making as a program down in Pullman are starting to set in. It might even mean that Paul Wulff keeps his job! The team has been decidedly more competitive in games and I can't wait for UW to eat crow in the Apple Cup.

Now lets move on to Big Sky football...

(That's a photo of me hanging out with Montana's hope for a Big Sky Championship)

The Griz, who have to beat MSU next week for EWU to win the conference championship, defeated North Dakota but continued to look their same hapless selves.

Montana 27, North Dakota 17- Look, I'm glad they won and got some momentum going into the Bobcats game but there's a bunch of stuff that bugs me about this team. The coaching is terrible, the offensive line is terrible, their quarterback is easily rattled and their special teams is an abomination. It's a very un-griz like team.

Eastern Washington 31, Southern Utah 24 - It wouldn't have shocked me if the Eags lost this game, so it's good to see them come out and beat a very good Southern Utah team. Ranked No. 5 in the country and with two teams ahead of them losing, this is going to bump them up a bit in the rankings. I know they've won close games all year but they still have a good shot at a Big Sky Championship.

Oh yeah, and that red turf is freaking awesome.

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