November 14, 2010

Things that lasted longer than Chad Pennington's comeback

Coming off shoulder surgery in 2009, Chad Pennington had a total of two plays against the Titans today before injurying his shoulder again. Ooos.

His comeback was short and who knows when we will see him again, but for now this has to be the shortest comeback ever. The only thing shorter would be...

1. Casey and I's NFL careers.
2. The hit TV show "Joey"
3. Kevin Federline's acting career.
4. MySpace's reign as the ultimate social network.
5. My time spent in math classes at Eastern Washington University.
6. Quality minutes of local TV provided in Western Montana (Another goat sighting?! swell!)
7. Time that Randy Moss was on the Vikings this year.
8. How long it took for Seahawks fans to realize Charlie Whitehurst is terrible.
9. The invasion of Iraq (Remember the press conference from the Iraq head of state saying American forces had been vanquished as an American tank rolled up behind him?)
10. The average time people are entertained on this blog.

Hope you guys like Chad Henne.

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