December 1, 2010

Apple Cup week

I love college sports. More than professional by a long shot. As a kid you claim a University and that's the team you root for. Then you grow up and maybe you go to a different University for school. Well, you still root for your old favorite team, but you now have a special place in your heart for your alma mater. And fans of your rival, well they might be your friends but for a few hours one day each year when the two teams meet, the trashtalk flys and the rivalry spurns. But it's all in good fun.

Take Brandon and I for example. I grew on the westside of Washington and before I could walk I was a Husky Pup.

Brandon grew up on the eastside of Washington and unfortunately became a WSU fan.

However, we both went to Eastern Washington and our Eagle pride outshines all. But once a year our favorite FBS teams meet in the Apple Cup.

Since Brandon already got an anti-Husky post up, I figured I would post why I hate the Cougars. But then I figured, why do that? Why not just compare the two programs and let the stats and numbers speak for themselves.

Sure UW fans haven't had a lot to cheer about in the last 5 years, but then again, neither have the WSU fans. With a win on Saturday UW goes to a bowl game, and with a win on Saturday WSU goes to a....oh wait....3 wins doesn't get you to a bowl game?

Let's start with the Apple Cup itself. This game hasn't really been a battle for the length of the rivalry. The Huskies lead with a 65-31-6 record. UW has won eight consecutive Apple Cups twice (1959–66 and 1974–81) while WSU's longest win streak is two.

UW won last years game 30-0.

Now on to National Championships. UW claims four (1960, 1984, 1990, 1991) while WSU has a big ol' ZERO.

As for bowl games well the numbers aren't even close. WSU has been to 10 bowl games in the history of the program while UW has been to 30.

And let's not forget about the Granddaddy of them all in the Rose Bowl. WSU has made it to four coming away with only a win only once, and that was in the 1916 game. UW has gone to 14 Rose Bowl games and won it seven times. Most recently in 2001.

This weekend will mark the first time in years that the game has more on the line than just state bragging rights. And that is thanks to UW with their possible bowl birth on the line. Well I guess that's not totally true. A win by the Cougars might buy Paul Wulff another year with the program.

I'm sure Just South of North will have more posts throughout the week before the Apple Cup. But one thing that is for sure is come Saturday I'll be rooting on the Dawgs and Brandon will be rooting on the Cougs. A blog divided.

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