December 20, 2010

Championship Fever

You might have noticed that Brandon has been MIA from JustSON for the last few days. The truth is that on Friday the Eastern Washington Eagles beat Villanova and secured a spot in the National Championship game. A few hours after that Brandon came down with what he is calling as "Championship Fever."

NOTE: I think he just caught a cold. But don't tell him that.

Now the real question is, what really caused Brandon to be bedridden for the better part of two days? Here are some theories:

1. His immune system wasn't prepared for the harsh Montana winter: This theory is perhaps the most logical of the five. While Brandon had endured many Spokane winters, his body was certainly not ready for the fringed temperatures of a Glacier winter.

2. He was really bit by a squirrel and was too ashamed to come outside again: The "Squirrel Theory" as it is being called really has no basis or evidence. Other than the fact that Brandon has been harboring several squirrels in his closet providing them heat for the winter. Freeloaders.

3. He really did get "Championship Fever": The most logical case for this is the fact that I have heard of people taking sports so seriously that it kills them. Heart attacks are usually at fault, not fevers. But this is Brandon after all....

4. A bear ate him: I didn't hear from Brandon for almost two days. Which is a bit strange. I naturally just assumed that his worst fear finally came true. But since I have recently been in contact with him again, this theory can be ruled out.

5. The "Curse of the Griz" struck him down: Now I know for a fact that Brandon wore his Eastern football jersey around Montana on Friday. And with the Eagles still playing football and the Griz, well not, I'd assume there are some jealous Montana fans out there. And what's the last thing they'd like to see? Some Eastern fan wearing a red jersey in their state! I've heard voodoo runs big down in New Orleans, but perhaps the "Griz bite fever" runs rabid through the state of Montana.

We'll have to see what happens to the poor guy when the Eagles win the National Championship on January 7th.

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