December 31, 2010

A look back at 2010...

This year will be remembered for a long time by Casey and I. It was the year Casey got married and the year I found a uncooked frozen pizza behind my couch. Let's take a look at some of the things that happened...

BP realizes that they should have invested in some sort of bathtub plug - As cool as it was for every person in the world to see a live internet feed of millions of gallons of oil stream up into the Gulf of Mexico, at some point people got a little pissed when it started showing up on beaches. Me? I was just angry that I had to pay three dollars for a gallon of gas when all I had to go was take a thermos and dip it off the coast of Louisiana.

(And I mean it's not like the people in the Gulf region have suffered enough because of Katrina, lets throw a man-made disaster at them and see what happens. And then have the cleanup effort consist of "well, we're just gonna shove a bunch of crap in that hole there and see what happens")

Tallest Man-made structure opens in Dubai, now they just have to figure out how to pay for it - If you look at this thing, it's a monster, but then you realize that Dubau was built entirely on speculation and borrowed money when in reality it's another desert middle eastern country. Then you realize that money speculation is pretty stupid. Then you realize that America is kind of speculating with their money.

Economy doesn't really get better - But hey! Casey and I have jobs! We cut down our panhandling to just three times a week.

People find out that Canada is a country after the Winter Olympics is held there - And unlike China, people can actually breath in Canada. The United States hockey team was a few gasps away from a gold medal in one of the best hockey games every played (against Canada no less). Americans went back to ignoring hockey after that.

Brandon gets to go inside a dam - One of the cooler things about moving to Montana was my chance to be able to go into a dam. The dam in question was Kerr Dam near Polson, MT and despite my lengthy legal record, I got checked out and even got a hard hat. You can see here that I didn't break anything and I actually got to go under one of the three large generators.

(Remember the game Half-Life and one of those creepy levels with long hallways and cat walks everywhere? That's what it was like sans the aliens trying to suck your brain out)

Casey on the other hand? He got to go to Barnes and Noble. He bought a book about Oscar the Grouch.

Europe finds out that planes can't fly in Volcanic Ash - We could have told you that here in the Northwest after Mt. St. Helens but does Europe listen to us? Nope they wear small bathing suits and refuse to shave. Perhaps its a good thing they don't travel.

Casey got married - And as you can tell, Joel (the guy in the red shirt) has the hops of Mark Madsen, formerly of the LA Lakers.

Wikileaks proves that America is just a bunch of a-holes - That's right Russia, we think your breath stinks.

Casey goes on epic Bike Ride - Casey went the entire length of the Oregon coast during the People's Coast Classic, meanwhile I was getting a burger from McDonalds. It was a good burger, and the fries were tasty too.

Along the way Casey camped at numerous locations while I stayed up late watching David Letterman drinking cheap beer. Despite bad weather, Casey was able to finish the trek and I remember that he won a free night in a motel instead of camping outside.

All in all, Casey went 367 miles over six days. All in all, I walked to the fridge twice in one week. Casey was also able to raise $7,500 for the arthritis foundation. I on the other hand beat up an old lady and stole her purse.

Casey finds the fattest bear ever - Just out of frame in this photo is the Starbucks this bear went to after Casey took his photo.

The New Orleans Saints pick up a whole bunch of bandwagon fans - Hey, I'm not one to discourage New Orleans, great city, but where the heck did all these Saints fans come from? Oh that's right, they won the Super Bowl.

I move to Montana - And at the time this photo was taken, regretted my decision...

Casey and I go to Glacier National Park - While Casey prepared all the outdoor gear, cooked several dinners, made sure our packs were ready for the trip and came dressed properly... I rolled out of bed half-hungover and asked every 20 minutes during the drive if we could stop for a McFlurry. But hey! At least the view was nice...

(Note my awesome shorts from high school and legs that could light the way to Pluto with their whiteness)

The Yankees don't win the World Series - Thank you Texas Rangers and Cliff Lee. Although one annoying side effect was how everyone in Spokane suddenly became a Rangers fan. Good thing San Francisco won.

The United States becomes the best team in World Cup soccer - Okay so that didn't happen but they did kind of good right? (Looks around at people wearing Brazil and Spain jerseys) oh nevermind...

Lebron James realizes that Cleveland does not rock - What twenty something is thinking to himself that he should stay in Cleveland for the rest of his career? What guy would love to go to work with a bunch of his buddies and be the best in the world?

Yeah lots.

So sorry Cleveland, but your reaction to the Decision proves just what a horrible place your city is. I mean I'd much rather live in Spokane than Cleveland? (Even though ironically I don't live there anymore) You know why? Does Cleveland have a large Radio Flyer wagon? I think not.

Somebody won the Stanley Cup, I'm not sure who because I don't watch hockey - Sorry guys.

EWU beats Montana - Casey will now be immortalized as the Eagle fan surrounded by Griz fans jumped on the field and pointing at the wide reciever that scored the first touchdown on the red turf in history. I can remember the moment vividly because I was at a Montana bar jumping up and down going "I KNOW THAT GUY!?!!?!?!" while Griz fans secretly plotted to stab me when I left the bar.

I'm not done though because...


North Korea tries to start WWIII - But stop when they realize they probably wont win with sticks and sharp rocks.

I sit court side for NCAA Tournament - With PJ Carlisimo and Dave Sims. What a freakin' hoot. AND I got to talk to Grevous Vasquez for approximately two seconds.

Casey goes to Hawaii - And I still have a bone to pick with him for becoming a Hawaii fan.

Shock become Kings of the World -

Whoever said that Spokane is minor-league is probably from Seattle.

Thank you everyone who reads our blog, we doubled our numbers from last year and had over 78,000 readers this year! Woo!

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