December 16, 2010

Oregon's BCS National Championship uniforms

Nike has released the uniforms that the University of Oregon Ducks will be wearing in the BCS National Championship game.

This season Oregon has worn 12 different uniform combinations in 12 games. Remember, you can always check out the Oregon Duck Tracker for what uniform was worn in each game.

So it was no surprise when Nike announced that Oregon would wear a totally new uniform in the Championship game.

Here are some key points about the uniforms
  • The helmets are the "Carbon" design the team wore against Portland State, but the "yellow on the O decal is much brighter.
  • The uniform will feature the "white on white" pants and jersey combo.
  • The jersey now has an "Oregon Shield" at the base of the neckline.
  • However, like the new neon yellow on the helmet O, the outline color around the silver numbers on the jersey are also the new yellow.
  • New neon yellow socks and shoes.
  • When the palms of the gloves are held to together, they reveal an Oregon "O".

Now that you've seen the BCS National Championship uniforms for Oregon, what are your thoughts? Like 'em, hate 'em, don't care. We want to know!


  1. i like them but i think they should use some neon pants instead of white

  2. sickest jerseys ever