December 2, 2010

Spokane crosswalk sign flips of pedestrians

Heck. I'd flip off crazy Spokies too if I had the chance. Spokane has made national news because they're crosswalk light is giving people the one-finger salute...

SPOKANE, Wash. -- An electronic crosswalk sign near the Maple Street Bridge is apparently showing its disapproval of either the weather and / or local drivers by giving people the "Bronx Salute."

The crossing sign, located in downtown Spokane in the northbound lanes of Maple south of the Maple Street Bridge, has been somehow modified so when the "Don’t Walk" hand is displayed, only the upraised middle finger is visible.

City of Spokane spokesperson Marlene Feist says that street department personnel think the electronic sign may have snow somehow wedged into the sign, obscuring all but the palm and raised middle finger.

Feist added that clearly the display is “unintentional.”

And in North Spokane there's actually a cross walk sign that threatens people's kids. Hooray!

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