December 2, 2010

Where UW fans get it wrong...

They get confused sometimes so I'm here to set things straight.

1. Husky Stadium is an awesome place - I've been there and the place is a dump. It's actually crumbling apart in some parts and the wind from Lake Washington conveniently lofts the smell from the porta potties into the stadium. They need to tear that place down and have games at Qwest Field.

2. Jake Locker is awesome - He's had a terrible year. The kid is a gamer and I love watching him for that but he's not a good quarterback. GOOD ATHLETE. Not a good quarterback. GOOD LEADER. Not a good thrower. In 2007, I was at the Apple Cup and the Cougs held a slim lead with Huskies having a chance to drive down the field and win it. Did you think Jake Locker inspired any fear? Nope, he chucked it downfield four times and the game was over. Cougs win.

And I'm sorry but he'll be awful in the NFL. Rex Grossman anyone?

3. The Huskies are awesome - You haven't been to a bowl game in forever. The Cougs may be bad, but you've been horrible on a more consistent basis in the past ten years.

4. Oregon is UW's biggest rival - I'm sure that Oregon State-Oregon has meant more in the past decade. This is an absolute dick move by UW fans. Nevermind that you're in-state rival competes with you for recruits and the Apple Cup has resulted in the Space Needle being bathed in Crimson before. You can't ignore WSU, or their 30,000 fans that show up to Husky Stadium every two years.

5. You're real football fans - How's that sellout streak at Husky Stadium going?

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  1. Lets get this straight. You are going to sit there and tell me a team that has been to 10 bowl games in its existence is a better program? A team that lacks any tradition or loyaltly ( if i knew how to id post the picture of your bledsoe wearing a d. huard jersey) Youre telling me a team that averaged 60,000 fans a game in an 0-12 season doesnt have a good fan base? even when Husky Stadium is empty its still more fans that show up at Martin Stadium. which im sure i dont need to add is named after a UW grad. And Husky Stadium is a far Superior piece of land and building then the biggest joke of a stadium in the pac10. You're telling me WSU is even close to UW? As i tell my sister: Youre an idiot.
    from the guy in the picture that you didnt get permission to use.