December 30, 2010

What the heck Seahawks fans?

Apparently a lot of Seahawks fans are hoping that their team loses this weekend to spare the city the embarrassment of having a 7-9 playoff team. But come on! It's against the Rams! The playoffs are much more satisfying than the sixth pick in the draft! Why the heck would you want your team to lose anyways? I don't understand it...

No one aspires to be the first nine-loss playoff team.

And it's fair for you to wonder whether an NFL team that has lost all nine games by 15 or more points has any business saying "postseason" let alone playing in it.

So it's understandable that most of you who responded to a poll on The Seattle Times' website Sunday and Monday said you'd prefer Seattle lose the regular-season finale to St. Louis. You've had a bellyful of the Seahawks' belly flops. You'd rather clean gutters than spend another Sunday in the woodshed. Better for the Seahawks to move along into the offseason with a better draft pick and without the ridicule that would come from making the playoffs at 7-9.

But to hope for the team to lose? Really? You want the Seahawks' division rival to come to Qwest Field and clinch that franchise's first playoff berth in six years?

You guys should get your 12th man flag taken away...

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