December 8, 2010

Why am I beginning to hate the Heat?

I don't blame Lebron for leaving. I really don't. I just don't like Dwayne Wade.

He had one tremendous, once-in-a-lifetime postseason and everyone has anointed him with praise. I understand he's a great player that is able to make his teammates better but Lebron is better.

SOOOOO much better.

At 14-8, the Heat don't appear to be sucking but I'm sure we'll talk about how they're not quite up to expectations after they lose to another elite team in the NBA. That's really pointless though, it's too early to make judgements, let's just see how they do in the postseason.

But one very annoying trend is how Lebron is almost holding back on his game because of Wade. The two look like alpha dogs out there not trying to step on each others toes.

It's time for Wade to grow up and realize that this isn't his team anymore, it's Lebrons. Lebron thrives on being the leader on a team and being the guy that makes things happen. He's the focal point. He's the guy that should always be handling the ball. Can you dig it, sucker?

Lebron may not be quite the killer scorer that Jordan or Kobe is, but he's close. It's everything else about his game that makes him great. His passing skills are fantastic and he always seems to be all over the court. Then add on that when he wants to, he can take the ball to the basket.

Isn't that the guy you wan't leading your offense, not Wade? Wade's older and injury prone. He doesn't have as much talent, as Lebron, I'm sorry. He should take a secondary role and be the go-to guy for  Lebron not the other way around.

I can't get over how important this is. You've got to play roles on basketball teams and right now, Wade isn't doing that.

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