January 10, 2011

I tip my cap to you Husky fans for not rooting for Oregon in the National Championship game

I've been known to rail on UW fans quite a bit on this blog, however after the Huskies beat the insufferable Nebraska Huskers this season, I had to give them a tip of the cap.

I also have to give Husky fans for doing the right thing as sports fans: Rooting against Oregon. Sure winning the national championship would be a nice feather in the cap for the Pac-10, but Husky fans are bitter, bitter rivals with the Ducks.

While I personally think it's crap when Husky fans say "Oh we're actually a bigger rival with Oregon" because it IS a load of crap. The Apple Cup will always carry more weight than UW-Oregon. However, Husky fans are doing the right thing by saying "Go Auburn" instead of "Go Pac-10."

I've always thought the SEC is a steaming pile of football vanity, mainly because SEC fans root for each other in bowl games so they can be the best football conference. Um... why? I thought the SEC had the best rivalries and football mattered most to them. If that were true... they wouldn't be rooting for their "bitter rivals?"

Fans that root for "their conference" have no real understanding on how stupid that sounds. "I'm going to root for the team that beat my team out for a spot in this game."

You don't see Red Sox fans rooting for the Yankees.

So Husky fans, congrats, you're not completely hopeless.

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  1. However I do know a certain writer who used to hate the rival Griz but now keeps talking about how he likes them since moving to Montana. A certain Mr. Brandon Hansen.