January 5, 2011

Reasons why you're single... high school sports photographer

I can get away with this because I am a high school sports photographer, but at least I have a soul....

You see them on your Facebook. They're the ones with the overly artsy profile pic of some landscape, some silhouette or something just so completely douchey, you want to un-friend them on the spot.

Example: A photo of them taking a photo with their camera.

Then they always constant post quotes from obscure french photographers about "how my camera catches the light of the world" or something stupid like that. Like who comes up with this ass material? You take a photo with a digital camera that does the work for you. Congrats! A mother in Indiana can get the same exact shot as you.

Then you see their website www.overratedphotographyguywebsite.com where he puts up his best work, which wouldn't make it on the back of a newspaper's sport page but to him it's art!

You see him at all the high school games. He's not working for anyone, just "snapping some shots for the parents" and then when they ask him how much they usually charge ridiculous prices for crappy photos that he still claims to own the rights too. He's been doing this for years, taking the same exact kind of long lens action shots that never deviate or never show a different angle.

Yet he considers it art and charges his time for portraits like he's Ansel Adams.

He puts his watermark copyright on every single photo he takes like he's freakin' ESPN, and bristles at the thought of someone using his photo without at least paying 400 dollars for an out of focus photo.

Untalented high school sports photographer, that is why, sir, you are single.

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