January 2, 2011

Seahawks-Rams Live Game Blog

This one is for all the marbles folks! So why don't we do a live game blog for the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams football game. I promise I won't drinking during it, although it is tempting with Charlie Whitehurst in at quarterback.

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5:20 - I'm just watching Football Night in America and realized Dan Patrick has the most annoying yelling voice for football highlights. Just stop yelling names you ninny.

5:29 - Brian Blades raises the 12th Man flag, loved having that guy and Bennie Blades on Madden 1997.

5:34 - Watching Pete Carroll go "Sure I'd love to coach the Seahawks instead of the USC Trojans!" to Al Michaels was pretty funny. He wasn't jumping off any sinking ship, nosireeee!

5:39 - Dan Patrick is still yelling. My ears hurt.

5:42 - Apparently they're giving away green towels at the game. Probably to help wipe up the puke from the fans after watching the horrible play from both teams.

5:44 - The chemistry between the NBC studio crew is uncanny. How many times can three people stumble over each other's words?

5:46 - How many times is the mic going to be left on and a snide remark by the broadcasters about both teams going to be said? You know its happening!

5:47 - Wait! Is that Hasselbeck warming up? Please God let him play instead of Interception Jesus Charlie Whitehurst. Hasselbeck should descend from the rafters a la WWE with the announcers going "I DONT BELIEEEEEVVVVVE IT!"

5:49 - As terrible as the Rams and Seahawks are, do we really need to see highlights from the Jags-Texans game?

5:51 - Dan Patrick's "The Blair White project" is about ten years too late for it to be a pop culture reference.

5:57 - Hey Seahawks fans, it could be worse, these two could be on your team...

5:59 - Casey on text "How many drugs do you think they've shot into hasselbeck?" ... I'd say at this point, Hasselbeck is so drugged up he thinks the game is being played in Green Bay.

(I love the live cut to Qwest Field and you can hear Seahawks fans either heckling Sam Bradford or Bob Costas. I'm fine with either)

6:10 - I'm secretly planning to kill Dan Patrick now.


6:20 - I'm glad that Faith Hill making her final performance of the season is a storyline that NBC is pursuing in the pregame. Very important.

6:23 - Sunday Night Football has opening credits? Is this an IMAX movie or something?

6:25 - I love how Seattle's biggest asset is "a loud crowd." Homefield advantage has met less and less in the past ten years in the NFL. Crap.

6:26 - Love the epic "SEAHAWKS" Chant. What other NFL stadium does that? Steeler fans are too busy playing with their towels.

6:29 - Charlie Whitehurst?!?!?! CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!

6:31 - Fittingly, the game starts with a flag. Woo hoo! Ladies and gentlemen, the NFC West!

6:32 - Did Charlie Whitehurst just complete a pass. Thank the maker!

6:33 - I see the Rams are employing the "Leave all the Seahawks wide receivers open" defense.

6:34 - Hawks down by the goalline, look for a stuff since the Seahawks are terrible in the redzone.

6:35 - Anytime you can have a flag ruin a good defensive stand, you just have to do it! Right St. Louis?

6:37 - TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS! Whitehurst to Williams! I can't believe I'm typing that.

6:39 - Instead of Rocky Music, the Seahawks-Rams should be played to the tune of Benny Hill.

6:40 - Apparently the Rams defensive backfield consists of three homeless guys and Tonya Harding.

6:42 - Rams in short yardage have their running back collide with a lineman. Awesome. On ensuing punt, Seahawks return man fumbles it out of bounds. Ladies and gentlemen, the NFC West!

6:44 - Even more respect from the league. Via Twitter...

 Reggie Bush 
 by arlowhite
Tough loss today. Saints will bounce...watching Seattle and St. Louis game! And no I don't care who wins

6:45 - Here we go Chazz! Nevermind he under threw another wide reciever!

6:50 - Apparently the Saints have decided to suit up as the Seahawks tonight.

6:50 - Charlie Whitehurst looks like he should be at a Middle Ages re-enactment camp. "Charlie Whitehurst's first poor throw of the night" -Chris Collinsworth. Won't be the last!

6:52 - Another good sting.


Apparently, Paul Allen could afford to rent Tom Brady for just the one drive. Now, we're back to Charlie Whitehurst.
I can't make this up ladies and gents!

6:55 - Lawyer Milloy played for Pete Carroll when he coaches the Patriots over ten years ago. That's the kind of guy you want in your defensive backfield... old.

6:57 - Leon Washington needs to stop making poor choices on those punts.

6:59 - Whitehurst has become Michael Vick?

7:00 - The Seahawks again show that they're awesome in short yardage situations. Blah.

7:02 - Seahawks continue to make plays on defense. It does help that the Rams are running at exactly half speed.

7:04 - Hawks now have field position back in their favor, I'm wondering if this is going to turn into a game of three and outs?

7:05 - Did you see how quickly that ref apologized to the crowd for the flag on the wrong team. He reacted like he just called an old woman a bad name. "Oh! I'm Sorry!"

7:07 - This is turning into a game of three and outs.

7:08 - Jon Ryan an his red hair is an inspiration to gingers everywhere.
From my facebook wall
Bart Mihailovich - Did you grow your hair out unabomber style living over in Montana and then move to Seattle to punt for the Hawks?

7:14 - Yikes, apparently the Rams woke up. Time for the Seahawks D to get some work done.

7:17 - Come on Seahawks, do something like this...

7:18 - Another stab at the NFC West...

 Ryan Ferguson 
 by SeanTWidmer
You know its a good football game when x-mo is used for the punts. Wow. 

7:21 - I don't know how to respond to this

 Shaun Alexander 

Kinda excited, my first time watching my Hawks on tv since i was fired.

7:23 - This is in relation to the last incompletion...

 Faux John Madden 

NFC West teams are so used to losing that they're even reluctant to challenge calls they could win.

7:25 - I'm just gonna keep posting tweets, these are golden.

 Sean Widmer 

Charlie Whitehurst running the Madden 2001 playbook. A LOT of throws to the flats.   

7:28 -
I'm not stopping with these tweets folks. These are great...


If this quarterback thing doesn't work out for Charlie whitehurst he could seamlessly transition into porn

7:31 - Sam Bradford has a very strange afro going on in his headshot.

7:33 - Seahawks will be pinned down deep in their own territory. Time for Chazz Whitehurst to make something happen! (Waiting for Hasselbeck to come in and cause the crowd at Qwest Field to just explode.)

7:36 - Did Whitehurst just throw downfield?!?! WOW!

7:38 - That line has looked terrible so far for the Seahawks and Okung has come out with an injury. In other words the Seahawks are boned.

7:42 - Whitehurst so far, 15-20, 146 yards and one touchdown. In other words, the half of his life.

7:45 - The Seahawks defense has come up big. SACK!!!!! That was huge on so many levels. Plus I love how loud the Qwest Field crowd got.

7:49 - Halftime and I feel relieved that the Seahawks are up 7-3. No turnovers by either team, both are playing really conservative.

8:03 - Okung was the last guy out of the locker room at halftime. Not good news for the Seahawks.

8:07 - The Rams are playing more conservatively than Ronald Regan.

8:10 - Remember how the announcers have been talking about the one big play that changes the momentum. That fumble just did it.

8:15 - The Rams have had some terrible penalties that have really bit them in this game. Saved the Seahawks here. Not much different between 7-3 and 7-6 in this ballgame.

8:17 - Paul Allen looked like he had just watched a car wreck unfold in front of him. Oh wait, that's just the Seahawks-Rams game.

8:22 - Do you think Pete Carroll is thinking to himself "I left USC for Charlie Whitehurst?"

8:23 - By the way, hellllloooo Seahawks running game, where have you been all season?

8:23 - Collinsworth "This drive is just what the doctor ordered for the Seahawks" ... judging from their record I'm surprised the doctor still has his practice.


8:27 - Does Whitehurst get shampoo and conditioner between time outs?

8:35 - I agree with this comment
Sean said...
Whitehurst needs the rally 'stache more than almost any athlete of all time.

8:35 - I believe that is the first time the Rams have thrown downfield this game.

8:37 - How much crack did Bradford do before his SNF interview?

8:38 - How many times has Seattle's WR made great plays on poor throws. Not terrible throws but not accurate either. Its like Carroll told his wide receivers said "Listen guys, where gonna go with Charlie, he's a little bit special. You might need to step up your game a little. Best receiver gets Reggie Bush's heisman okay?"

8:41 - Sam Bradford... officially on crack.

 Sean Widmer 

Does Sam Bradford use his eyes on his ping pong table? 

8:42 - Quite possibly the worst 3rd and 1 play. Ever.

8:43 - Did the refs just call a time out for Pete Carroll? Awesome. Apparently we have Super Bowl XL refs in the building. That will make the crowd happy.

8:44 - Pete Carroll said "your mother is a whore" to the ref. Yep. I read his lips.

8:46 - Can you say field position. I think this is the first time this have ever been written but you DO NOT want to give Charlie Whitehurst a short field.

8:48 - Casey on text - I think  carroll said "Holy shit its cold tonight. One timeout I got frostbite when it was this cold"

8:51 - Somebody needs to put a maple bar in the endzone for Golden Tate.

8:52 - Seahawks put a touchdown between them and the Rams. Things are starting to get really tense right now as 3/4 of Seattle fans go for their bottle of Jack.

8:55 - Another tweet for your enjoyment

 Todd Wright 
 by FO_DougFarrar
Charlie Whitehurst has his team leading this game, but Shane Falco is more believable as a pro quarterback when comparing the two.

8:56 - That WR letting the ball go through his hands is exactly why the Rams are playing conservative ball.

8:58 - Is Hasselbeck pulling a Willis Reed?


Both Hasselbeck and Losman warming up on the sideline. This could get interesting.

8:58 - I think this pretty much sums things up

 Bill Simmons 

This game is like watching two drunk uncles trying to play Madden on their nephew's PS3.

Although I'm wondering if one of those drunk uncles beat Simmons at Madden, would he take his reference to them out of his Book of Basketball (inside joke for those of you who hate Simmons)

9:02 - Underrated trend... backup quarterbacks looking like homeless bums (JP Losman)

9:05 - Here is what Charlie Whitehurst says before every football game...

9:07 - INT! The Russian is cut! The Russian is cut! Oh wait its the Rams. The half-drunk midget is cut! The half-drunk midget is cut!

9:09 - I'm beginning to like Charlie Whitehurst, but he needs to learn how to slide unless he wants to end up like Michael J. Fox.

9:10 - I think this sums up what every Seahawks fan was thinking...



9:12 - Al Michaels stop acting like that 3rd and 1 would have changed the Earth's axis.

9:16 - What the Rams should have done was not play like they had a 20-point lead the entire game.

9:20 - He didn't pass the drug test

 Faux John Madden 

Have to say I'm semi surprised Jamarcus Russell isn't going to be on the new season of The Biggest Loser.

9:22 - 16-6 Seahawks. Time for Bradford to go into legend mode.

9:23 - Look for the Rams to call three straight running plays here.

9:26 - Bradford is sacked! Love how the Hawks defense played all night.

9:27 - Sacked again, the perfect exclamation mark by the Seahawks. I may special order my division championship t-shirt.

9:28 - SEAHAWKS WIN! They win the right to get blown out by the Saints next week but none the less, they won!

9:29 - Is Charlie Whitehurst being just a wee bit too emotional after that win?

9:31 - Important note


 make playoffs for 6th time in last 8 seasons.... Not too shabby :)

9:32 - Alright folks, signing off!

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  1. Whitehurst needs the rally 'stache more than almost any athlete of all time.