January 2, 2011

Seahawks! Rams! Who Cares?

I've already stated that Seahawks fans that hope their team loses today are morons, as a playoff game is much more entertaining for fans than a slightly higher draft pick (because you know, Seattle has drafted so well in the past, COUGH COUGH). So put your Hawks jersey on, get (alot of) the beer on ice and get ready for a terrible NFC West game.

But really? Why is everyone knocking on the Hawks? Sure it's embarrassing for a 7-9 team to make the playoffs, but remember how bad and hopeless they were last year?

If they win their division its a heck of a lot better than what they've accomplished the past two seasons (4-12, 5-11). While 7-9 is nothing to bang pots and pans about, it's a whole heck of a lot more respectable. And if you're looking at next season, a 7-9 record means they won't be saddled with an insanely tough schedule.

Just nevermind they need upgrades in just about every position, I'm just trying to be optimistic here.

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