January 1, 2011

TCU is not tiny

So TCU won the Bowl Game. It was a great matchup between two great teams. However, one thing that did annoy me was how ESPN described TCU as a "tiny school" winning the game for "all non-BCS schools"

What? Are you kidding me? They're going to be in the Big East next year and become the very "big schools" that all the non-BCS schools hate. And they're not that small to begin with.

TCU has over 8,000 students, which doesn't make it an Ohio State by any stretch (it's smaller than EWU) but there are smaller BCS schools. It's not about enrollment, it's about recruitment anyways.

And the Horned Frogs play in a 44,000-seat stadium that hosts its own Bowl Game every year (picture above, it's called the Armed Forces Bowl). Tiny? I think not.

Also, the Horned Frogs weren't the underdog in this game as they've been among the best in the nation for a few years. No normal football fan thought they were "the little guys."

So come on ESPN, stop beating us over the head with these story lines that don't actually fit reality.

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  1. Speaking of facts, TCU doesn't join the Big East until July 1, 2012... so they still have one more year of the Mountain West.