January 1, 2011

Winter Classic Blues

Hey Spokane! See all that snow on those bleachers? You'll get to sit on that on Jan. 15 when the Chiefs play in the first Holiday Classic of the franchise's existence. While I've always been pumped for the idea and think Spokane will love seeing their team play in Avista Stadium, one thing that the NHL seems to be really screwing up is their outdoor games.

I mean talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. The outdoor classic was the smartest thing that the league has done in years (and the league hasn't done many smart things). They took two premiere teams and matched them up outdoors in one awesome New Years Day game. Now? What the heck are all these other outdoor games they're cutting to now? So instead of just one awesome game, there's several?

If you're going to overload people than you're going to dilute your product and the ratings and buzz will drop considerably. And why is hockey putting all their mustard into one day of the year. Your games are on Versus, no casual sports fans watch your games and other than Ovechkin and Crosby, who are marketable stars?

Perhaps the NHL should work on the overall product as opposed to one regular season game.

With that said, I'm still super pumped for the Chiefs to play outdoors.

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