January 30, 2011

Worst DVD commentaries

Star Trek V - Considered the worst of all the Star Trek films (I disagree, it's actually pretty entertaining), it was directed by none other than William Shatner. To listen to him talk about this movie just reinforces that (a) he's a crazy, lunatic, and (b) he should never be allowed to direct another film. He would say things like "See this part where I'm climbing up the rock signifies the human race progressing" and "You know... movies have budgets and sometimes you just run out of time without getting the shot you want. I remember a lot of this film was shot on the first take." ... explains a lot.

Titanic - Really James Cameron? We have to hear about how you went hugely over budget, spent more money than the gross national product of Haiti and created a sloppy movie that looks cheesy 12 years later? Congrats, you are a true visionary. Oh oh, yes lets break down the scene where Rose stripes too, because this is soooo important to the plot.

Any Oliver Stone movie - Just as you will recognize with everyone of his movies "crap, I'm watching a Oliver Stone movie" ... you will recognize that "crap, I'm listening to Oliver Stone talk about one of his movies and my ears are starting to burn."

Listen, the guys is entertaining, but much like Cameron he can't admit he just did something for the hell of it, he's got to come up with some obviously made up grandiose reason. Like Tom Cruise in a wheelchair. WHY?

Braveheart - Mel Gibson does the commentary, and it's exactly like watching the film in normal mode. Why? Because Gibson says like 10 things during the entire commentary.

"Yeahh....... right here.... yeah that's great scenery .... Wow.... great shot."

Thanks Mel.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Yeah having Leatherface do the commentary was a bad idea.

Ernest Scared Stupid - I just put this on here because I hate this movie, it scares the crap out of me every time.

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