February 18, 2011

Casey is so screwed

So there are times on this site where Casey likes to poke fun at me being in Montana. "Oh a bear is going to eat you" he says. "Oh the Grizzlies there outnumber the people." blah blah blah. Well it appears karma has stepped in and slapped him squarely in the face. I hope he has stocked up on cat mace.

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Wenatchee hunter has a right to be proud for his photo showing a pride of mountain lions on the Douglas County ranch where he has permission to hunt.

The black and white trail-cam image, which shows eight cougars in one spot, has gone viral on Northwest websites and e-mail lists since he first released it to acquaintances on Christmas Day.

That's right, an entire pride of Cougars roaming around Washington. Enjoy Casey. Better keep the house cats indoors.

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