February 18, 2011

Mark this one up as insanity...

Remember the crap storm that was Rocky V? Rocky loses all his money, goes back to his meager living conditions in Philadelphia and then starts training a young boxer named Tommy Gunn? Gunn was played by real-life boxer Tommy Morrison.

While Rocky V sucked, the rest of Tommy Morrison's life has also sucked apparently. He boxing career was ended by an HIV-positive test and he's spent all his time denying it's validity as a disease.


His face is worn and his skin sags in places, but he insists he’s in the best shape of his life. He’s going to be heavyweight champion again if boxing lets him back in, and this brings up HIV. It always comes back to HIV with Tommy, even over breakfast, so he chops up his $12 steak and eggs and tells you he is the victim of a wild conspiracy.

They stole his career, he says, at least a $38 million contract and who knows how much after that? They stole his good name, too. Made him admit to the world he has HIV. But that was before he found out that HIV doesn’t exist. It was invented to control people, he tells you, and he can go on and on about this all day.

He takes another bite and looks at his girlfriend, a woman from England named Trisha.

“We have unprotected sex,” she says.

Tommy is still chewing, but laughs.

“Every day,” he says. “We’re wild.”

The guy also believes he can teleport and feels that he's in his best shape of his life despite spots on his arms that clearly show the HIV virus is taking over. Oh boy...

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