February 10, 2011

Three years of Just South of North

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, three years of Casey and I ranting and raving on the internet. Since that time, I've earned a few things.

1. Casey's feet stink. They smell like death and Rosanne Barr rolled into one.

2. It's fun to make fun of Gonzaga fans since they're more insecure than a catholic school girl at a zombie flash mob. By the way, how's that WCC Championship wrapping up for you guys this year?

3. I drink too much. Then I post online. That, is, a, very, dangerous, thing to do.

4. The Internet doesn't make you any money, but it does give your email address to all the spammers out there. Hello Spammers.

5. Indy 4 was a terrible movie.

So thanks for all the support, we've been getting tremendous hits on the site and finished last year with over 78,000 unique visits. Woo hoo!

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