February 17, 2011

WSU spring football in Spokane

Spring football at Washington State University kicks off on March 7th.

But the big twist this year is that the spring practices will end in Spokane.

On April 16th WSU will play their Crimson and Gray Game in Joe Albi Stadium.

But that's not all. WSU is really trying to get Spokane on the Cougar-wagon.

Besides the Crimson and Gray Game, WSU will be in Spokane for two other events that week. On April 11, the brand new football uniforms that Nike has created for the Cougars will be unveiled, and on April 15 and 16 Paul Wulff and his staff will conduct a coaches’ clinic at the Red Lion Hotel downtown.

All I can say is good luck WSU.

Spokane doesn't even support the University with the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP football team that is just down the road.

That's right, that would be the Eastern Washington University Eagles. Your 2010 FCS National Champions. And Spokane can't get together and get people into the seats at Roos Field. Even during the playoffs.

Over three playoff games Eastern Washington had a cumulative attendance of 14,325. By comparison Montana State had one playoff game and an attendence of 14,277. That's right, it took EWU three games to top the attendance of one game in Bozeman.

Still not convinced? Delaware, who Eastern Washington University beat in the championship game had a cumulative attendance of 32,736.

Yet WSU, by far the worst team in the new PAC-12, is trying to establish a presence in Spokane.

Good luck with that WSU. Good luck with that.


  1. Yeah...but the difference is no one cares about non-BCS schools that are the bastard children of real Universities. ESPN wouldn't have even televised the game if it wasn't a choice between the National Knitting Finals, D2 Championship and National High School Debate Finals.

    Winning in D2 is like winning the special olympics. You may be a champion...but you're still a retard.

  2. Those are some very good points except for one thing. EWU isn't D2 douche. They are D1. You're obviously a Cougar fan and it shows that your great WSU education is working. Know the facts before you talk.

  3. I think the EWU fan has been staring too long at that red field and has brain damage.

    No one cares about FCS(formally D-1AA), if they did those schools would actually be on TV more than when they make the playoffs, or when(enter name of FBS school here) is kicking their asses by 50 points on ESPN-2, The Big 10 Network, ESPN U, or Fox College Sports. Notice I did not say Fox, ESPN, ABC, NBC, or CBS as not even those channels want to pay schools for fans to see thosse beatings.

    Have fun beening crushed by UW next season in your opener. Oh yeah and the best team in the history of Montana State, still could not beat the 3rd worst WSU in history. Be proud Big Sky fans.

    D-1A playes>D-1AA playes always will be.

  4. Here is a list of the attendance at some of the spring games from colleges that do release the figures. This list is hardly complete, as most schools don't put out an official attendance number.

    Alabama: 92,310

    Nebraska: 66,784

    Florida State: 53,818

    Auburn: 53,209

    Florida: 51,000

    Georgia: 43,177

    Arkansas: 42,000

    Mississippi State: 36,357

    Tennessee: 35,891

    South Carolina: 29,451

    Texas: 29,541

    Mississippi: 28,000

    Notre Dame: 27,863

    Clemson: 27,000

    Oklahoma: 25,598

    LSU: 25,032

    North Carolina: 15,500

    Texas A&M: 16,500

    Oklahoma State: 16,000

    Colorado: 15,655

    NC State: 13,139

    Texas Tech: 12,400

    Missouri: 10,000

    Arizona: 4,500

    Iowa State: 4,000

    Baylor: 3,500