March 14, 2011

I hate RVs

Other than 60-year old retirees with way to much money to spend, who things to themselves "Hmmm I would love a big mobile house that gets one mile to the gallon and takes up one and a half lanes of traffic"?

Yesterday, on my way back from Bozeman, I found myself in the midst of an RV convoy. There were three of them in a line, each hauling a camper behind them. Much like a street gang in "Mad Max" They would rumble through a stretch of road at 80 m.p.h. nearly losing control of their vehicles at every corner and boxing in poor, unsuspecting cars while they tried to pass them. Since these RVs had no really passing ability whatsoever, cars had to wait agonozingly long as they tried to creep ahead.

It was the grossest mis-use of motor vehicles I'd seen in a long time. I counted at least three accidents they almost caused. Can't wait for their drivers licenses to be taken away.


  1. Time to make RVs illegal. They create horrible pollution and they destroy peace and comfort of campgrounds, running their generators. I wake up in my tent next to the huge exhaust pipe. Disgusting. I feel like slashing their tires on getting in front of them on a freeway and slamming the breaks so that they'd go over. They need to be banned from campgrounds.

    1. And they are the worst customers ever. want everything at a discount (thanks good sam), want to dump their crappers for free, and never buy anything but fuel when they stop. fuel isnt where the money is, like people think. Park their bohemoths where ever they want. And they really think they are above everyone else.. and how scary is it that a 80 year old man or woman is piloting that beast?

  2. Banning them from National Parks would be a good start.