March 13, 2011

The difference between real journalists and movie journalists

They're generally a mess - Okay this is true. Small one-room apartment is a disaster. Personal finances on borderline meltdown. Alcoholism is actually a form of therapy and daily nutrition consists of gas station coffee and Skittles.

They're driving crappy cars - Hollywood gets this right again. Go to your local newspaper and look at the parking lot. Chances are you won't see any Hummers or Mercedes in the parking lot. A 1983 beat up Honda Civic? Journalism at its finest.

They're always reporting on important things - Completely false. You haven't lived until you've covered a city council meeting where they're arguing over the importance of adding a secondary committee on meal planning for the old folks home or not. It's thrilling stuff.

When they're on a big story, people chase and shoot at us - Nope. The phone just rings off the hook with people trying to correct the name that we put about the hot dog vendor that was four blocks down from the murder and didn't see a thing.

All journalists are columnists, very attractive and write about their sex life - Completely false. Most columnists have been at the newspaper for 30 years, are old, cynical, haven't had sex in 20 years and hate the world.

They need film developed for their photos - Ummm, think back to when you last used a film camera? Not since the late 90s...

Their sources meet them on top of skyscrapers or call them in abandoned phone booths - They'll probably call at 8:30 p.m. at night when you have terrible cell phone reception.

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  1. 8:30 p.m. at night, huh?

    I hope this is the alcoholism in you talking. :/