May 15, 2011

Brandon's secret

If you were following facebook or twitter last night you would have gotten the image that Brandon has a strong distaste for Portland, Oregon.

But the truth is that distaste is just for the Timbers.

I have proof that he is a Portland Trailblazers fan.

This photo is from a post back in 2008 in which Brandon attended a Portland Trailblazers game and, with the soon-to-be departure of the Seattle Sonics, he became a fan of Portland.

A quote from Brandon: "Portland sure does support their team, as their state-of-the-art arena of over 20,000 seats was nearly sold out on a Tuesday. Looks like when the Sonics move to Oklahoma, I'll have to jump ship here. Or maybe I already have"

So while he may dislike the Timbers with every fiber of his being, deep down Brandon does like Portland.

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