June 24, 2011

Jim Riggleman knows how to quit

So manager Jim Riggleman quit because he thought that the Washington Nationals had no real role for him in their future plans. It was strange because the Nationals are the hottest team in baseball right now, and it touched off a "what the heck did he just do?" dialogue.

While I think most people generally came to an understanding that he didn't want to work for a club that wasn't going to even talk to him about his second year option of his contract, you still have to think... aren't most people expendable to a company like Riggleman? I think most people are happy just to go to work the next day and have no real idea what the next year will bring. It's just a weird difference between professional sports and real sports.

So now Riggleman's gone. He's unemployed. A perfect time to take it easy right? Nah. Time to hit the bars!

Woweee! Throwing back with drinks with some ladies. The 58-year-old Riggleman told a radio show that he stuck to his self-imposed two drink limit. However, he did pose for some photos with some lovely ladies at this Maryland hot spot.

Please, please please tell me Riggleman will go off the deep end and become the baseball version of Charlie Sheen (He did badmouth the Nats' GM at the bar). That would be Deadspin's dream.

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