June 24, 2011


The NBA Draft last night was largely forgettable except for this pleasant make out session. Oh and Jimmer is going to be a Sacramento King. Why am not talking about the No. 1 pick Kylie Irving? Because the guy played 11 collegiate basketball games and analysts have approached him with about as much gusto as Kate Moss at a Golden Corral.

While anyone of this picks can turn out to be a superstar, the chances are that won't happen. This is literally a dumpster fire of a draft when you want immediate-impact guys.

But at least we had Jimmer.

And now on to headlines...

Ron Artest changes his name to "Metta World Peace"
The funny thing about this story is that does this really any shock anyone? I approached this headline like it was a Mariners-Red Sox box score. "Ron is changing his name to something stupid, oh ho hum, where is the NFL strike negotiation stories?"

Having blue eyes caused batting problems?
Josh Hamilton says his blue eyes cause him to have a horrible batting average during the day. Something tells me he's either full of crap or a vampire.

Got HEEEEM! Might be the best catchphrase ever.
I'm going to do this every time I pass someone on the highway.

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