June 25, 2011

Earth to be destroyed...

Where is Bruce Willis when you need him?

An asteroid about the side of a tour bus (not dangerous to Earth) will pass within 7,500 miles of the planet (again, not dangerous). I would recommend that everyone call in sick on Monday for "asteroid day" and dupe your unsuspecting boss into thinking the world is going to end.

It's going to be closer to the earth than the moon. But don't fret, apparently an asteroid already came closer to Earth this year... in April.

That number passed within 3,400 miles but again, didn't do anything to the blue marble.

I guess we still have to wait for a sequel to Armageddon.

Asteroid to Pass Extremely Close By Earth on Monday | Near-Earth Asteroids & Potentially Dangerous Asteroids | Asteroid Photos & Comets | Space.com

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