June 25, 2011

Mariners make history, thanks to U2

The Mariners were actually the road team at Safeco Field last night. The Florida Marlins were forced to move their inter-league tilt against the M's because of scheduling conflict in their home stadium.

Namely, a U2 concert. Wow. Miami still has a baseball team?

Felix Hernandez held the Marlins to two hits while collecting a hit of his own and Seattle wore their road grays in Seattle.

Since it was officially a home game for the Marlins, they played by National League rules meaning this was the first time since the designated hitter rule was created that an American League pitcher batted in an American League ballpark.

Mariners | 'Visiting' Mariners top 'home' Marlins, 5-1, at Safeco Field | Seattle Times Newspaper

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