June 1, 2011

Morning Coffee... Happy Lebron James Day!

Are the Finals already over? Catching Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night, I came away with a few thoughts.

1. The Heat played really, really good defense. They took the Mavs out of their game.
2. Everybody seemed to be working together really well for Miami. They've really taken their game to a new level in the playoffs.
3. Can Dallas bounce back from this considering their NBA Finals history of choking?

And... how are you going to respond to Lebron James after he's an NBA Champion? Would you still hate him for leaving Cleveland?

And with that, here's headlines from the day...

Shaq is retiring
And IHOPs around the country are quivering in their boots.

FIFA sponsors worried about corruption allegations
Whoa, you're telling me that a sport is corrupt? That never happens right?

Jimmer looking to improve his defense
Meaning that he might actually play some defense in the NBA.

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