June 2, 2011

Morning Coffee... Worst dentist ever.

Sometimes, NFL fans are my least favorite kind of fans to be around. It's generally because of their ability to scream and rant about their team but not be able to tell me who their second-string quarterback is.

Really, I don't respect the intelligence of your normal NFL fan. My point is proven by this story...

The Washington Redskins are holding a contest on Facebook to find the best fan photo. If you judge things based on which picture makes you want to floss the most, the clear winner is Janice Bausch, who has a Redskins logo permanently painted onto her crown.
The NFL may not even play next year, your Redskins certainly won't be playing in any postseason games next year regardless so why not put a politically incorrect logo on your tooth? That would be a hoot!

Something tells me those are actually the only three teeth she has.

And with that, here are headlines...

Ricky Rubio is going to play for the Timberwolves... finally
And America will finally get to see the teenage wonder from Spain... wait, he's 38 now?

Teddy Roosevelt wins mascot race, only to be disqualified
Kind of like he was disqualified from the Republican Party.

Cleveland is still angry about the whole Lebron thing...
Calling him pure evil is a new one.

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