June 2, 2011

Idaho State installs new turf, not as cool

Oh look at what Idaho State's new turf looks like! It's not red, it's not orange, it's green. Lame.

POCATELLO, Idaho- The Idaho State Athletics Department has announced that Hellas Construction, Inc. will be the company that installs the new field turf at Holt Arena. Installation will begin July 1 and the process will take six weeks to complete.

“Hellas Construction, Inc. is excited to add Idaho State University's Holt Arena to its list of high profile installations,” Bruce Layman, Vice President of the Turf Division of Hellas Construction. “We are thrilled our Matrix removable system was selected for this project. We know this selection will add to Holt Arena's versatility and ability to increase utilization. Lastly, we are especially proud to be a part of this project as Holt Arena was the first removable synthetic turf system installed in the world in the 1970's. We know that we are dealing with a “savvy” customer when it comes to synthetic turf for its' sports facilities and the Matrix turf is unmatched in quality in today's sports facilities.”

Awesome, enjoy being plain jane Idaho State!

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