June 2, 2011

You too can support Casey Knopik

Casey has knee surgery today and here's a photo of him at home after the operation. He'll be laid up for a little while and has so far sent me a list of things he'll be doing...

1. Buying more teal Mariners jerseys on e-bay, this time signed by Carlos Silva.
2. Playing online with his World of Warcraft character "Zazzles."
3. Hacking onto the Portland Timbers website and putting puppy photos on their home page.
4. Watching the extended special edition of the Lord of the Rings that also has fan films also on the DVD.
5. Doing what every red-blooded American Male wishes he could do, watch The Military Channel for 24 hours straight.

Anyways, if you'd like to support Casey in his recovery, please make checks out to "Brandon Hansen" and send them to me, I'll make sure he gets the money.

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