June 3, 2011

2011 NCAA Baseball

As Brandon showed you in a previous post I had knee surgery. So despite the amazing weather outside, today I'll be chilling in front of the tv. Thank goodness for playoff baseball. Oh, and espn3 so I can watch every game.

Today the Regional round of the 2011 NCAA baseball season kicks off. With 64 teams dreaming of Omaha, Nebraska.

Yes, having lived in Nebraska for a while Omaha isn't much to dream about. However the city is home to the College World Series.

When I was living there I did attend a few of the College World Series games. And it was a blast! Especially cause the team I was there watching, Fresno State, won it all from underdog status.

Here is the official bracket for the entire event.

Regionals June 3-6 (double elimination)
Super Regionals June 10-13 (best-of-three series)
College World Series June 18-25 (double elimination)
Championship Series June 27-29 (best-of-three series)

You can also follow the College World Series on twitter and on the official College World Series site.

So the question is, of the 64 teams, who are you rooting for?

I personally am looking for the University of Maine Black Bears to upset the number 3 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels.

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