June 3, 2011

Morning Coffee... Nate Montana's DUI

Well that aint Joe Cool...

(From Riley Lemm's MasSports)

Joe Montana’s, the Hall of Fame QB, son, Nate Montana, was booked on DUI charges today at 3:46 this morning. This isn’t his first run in with the law, he recently transfered from Notre Dame, where he got in trouble for underage drinking at a party last year.

This might be a big blow to his chances for starting QB for the U of M, he isn’t as good as his father was, but still fairly good. This might help some of the other teams in the Big Sky Conference throw off the hood that the U of M has been recently, and open the way for a new team to be on the top.

I can't believe I'm saying this but it appears the Montana Grizzlies just can't catch a break. Bringing in Nate, regardless of how he actually performs on the field was a good public relations move to at least develop buzz around the program after a disappointing season.

However, this wasn't exactly the buzz they were looking for.

And now for headlines

Dallas comes back against Miami in Game 2 of NBA Finals
Apparently all the chest punching by the Heat made Dirk angry.

NFL owners cut pay for coaches and staff, even though it's a PLAYER lockout
A few more stories like this and I will refuse to watch professional football ever again.

10-year old Julia Dale absolutely nails the national anthem before Game 2
And you should also hear her sing "O'Canada" if the Raptors ever make the Finals... oh wait...

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